Community Involvement in Sherman Oaks

Center BMW is proud of our involvement in various community organizations in and around our neighborhood. Our customers hail from all over Southern California, and we recognize our duty to give back to some of their favorite causes and charities. Below are listed some of the worthy causes to which we donate our time and money.

The Heads Up Youth Foundation strives to uplift underprivileged youth in our community through education, sports, and mentoring. Center BMW shares their belief that sports can be a critical tool for the positive development of the next generation of Americans.

The East Valley PALS , (Police Activity League Supporters) is a self-funded group, which derives its budget from various fund raising events and general membership. Their purpose is to establish an involvement between the community, local business people, youth, and the police department. They provide materials for the Neighborhood watch and Commercial Alert programs in the are, and are involved in many other crime prevention efforts.

La Cañada Baseball and Softball Association has certainly grown and changed since the first 8 teams took the field in 1955 with 120 boys. With over 700 boys and girls now playing softball and baseball on over 60 teams, LCBSA works to enrich the lives of children through teamwork, and help weave the fabric of community as friends and families come together to enjoy the country's favorite past time!

Center BMW is a proud supporter of Grant High School Basketball!

We here at Center BMW think that it is extremely important that all children deserve equal opportunities. Shane's Inspiration creates social inclusion for children with disabilities through the vehicle of inclusive playgrounds and programs.  Center BMW is a proud supporter of Shane's Inspiration.

The Valley Traffic Advisory council (VTAC) is to establish an involvement between the community, our schools and the Police Department. To accomplish this, they work directly with the Los Angeles Police Department, Valley Traffic Division (VTD). VTAC engages in meaningful programs designed to educate and improve the conditions and public relations within the San Fernando Valley. To show our support, Center BMW has sponsored and donated to the VTAC division of the LAPD.

Center BMW is a proud supporter of Granada Hills Charter High School ! Granada Hills Charter High School provides a positive student-centered environment in which all students will develop academic skills, practical skills, and attitudes to enable them to be successful lifelong learners and productive, responsible citizens in a diverse society. Center BMW would like to wish the schools wrestling teams good luck and great  success in this years wrestling season!

Dubbed "The World's Premier Automotive Lifestyle Event," the cultural phenomenon known as MFest has become a home for BMW M Series and exotic car enthusiasts across the world. Center BMW has been proud to be the title sponsor of MFest car club for many years and look forward to future support and involvement!

Center is a proud sponsor of Edison Elementary! The mission of Edison Elementary School is to meet the needs of all students by equipping them physically, emotionally, and academically to become healthy, self-confident, and independent learners through a student-centered, multicultural, technology-integrated, collaborative program within a safe and secure environment.

Valencia Valley Elementary School is committed to maintaining a comprehensive learning environment for their students and for the student's families. Valencia Valley School will also provide supplementary learning and enrichment opportunities in an effort to meet the needs of individual students across the grade levels. Center BMW happily supports the Valencia Valley School.

Center BMW is a proud sponsor of Sunrise Little League!  As sports fans and excited members of the community Center BMW would like to wish good luck to all the baseball and softball little league teams!

Notre Dame High School, educates the hearts and minds of students who are diverse in talent, ethnicity and society.  As a faith community, Notre Dame strives to provide each student with a rich academic background, an appropriate sense of self, an opportunity for growth, a commitment to family, community, nation and world, and a respect for the spiritual dignity of all persons. Center BMW is proud to support the continuing tradition of Notre Dame!

Center BMW is happy to show support to the 10th Street Preschool.  To continue Center's traditions in
community support, this BMW dealer is happy to help support the futures of our community's children.

Center BMW is proud to support the Encino Parents NurserySchool. Center BMW is LA's most competitive dealer and has great deals for the Encino Parents Nursery School family.