There is one thing that just about every BMW car we offer here at Center BMW has in common, and it is the legendary and exhilarating handling and performance you will experience in every model. But how do BMW cars like the 2016 BMW X3 deliver such exciting and engaging handling and performance? A large part of it comes from the balance and poise of nearly ideal 50/50 weight distribution.

It's all about balance for BMW cars. When you come in to check out and test drive new BMW X3 models or other great models we offer, you will find that every model from the 2016 BMW X3 sDrive28i to the 2016 BMW X3 xDrive35i boasts an agile chassis and suspension, and a body and structure that is engineered to balance the weight of the vehicle at a nearly ideal 50/50 ratio front to back. This balance helps BMW X3 models retain an agile and sporty feel and helps ensure that every model handles brilliantly through twists and turns in the road. There is no weight bias at one end or the other to upset its poise when turning into a bend or exiting a sweeping curve in the road. Additionally, many models are available equipped with xDrive All-Wheel Drive which can distribute power from the engine as needed to enhance traction and grip. The system is engineered to deliver a feel more similar to a traditional rear-wheel drive vehicle which enhances its agile and athletic performance as well.

BMW cars like the BMW X3 are designed and engineered to deliver exhilarating handling and performance, and so much of that comes from the balanced weight distribution that every model offers. So if you would like to experience the balanced handling and performance in a car from BMW near downtown Los Angeles, come in to experience nearly ideal 50/50 weight distribution in a BMW X3 today!

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