We're approaching that wonderful time of the year, the month of March, when everybody just goes mad! There's so much sports activity going on! But there's another kind of madness that can happen. It's the madness that comes from not getting a chance to drive a great car that you love like a new 2016 BMW 3 Series Sedan or a pre-owned BMW 3 Series from Center BMW!

The 2016 BMW 3 Series Sedan is an iconic car and it's apparent when you hop in, step on the gas and go, and drive it through that favorite curving and bending road. It's a sedan that's as athletic as a sports car, and just as good looking, if not more so. As your Santa Monica area BMW dealers we admit that we sure love it!

Not everyone can get the chance to drive a brand new 2016 BMW 3 Series Sedan. Perhaps it's just a bit too much of a reach as a first car for a first time car owner. Or maybe you don't intend to put as much into a second car, or whatever the case may be. In many instances buying or leasing a pre-owned BMW 3 Series model may be just the ticket towards alleviating your madness this March (especially if your bracket falls apart in the first round). You'll sure feel good about the more accessible pricing of a pre-owned BMW 3 Series, especially when it's outfitted with tons of great features and options. And many pre-owned models and Certified Pre-Owned BMW models come with great warranty coverage.

Come on in today to check out our selection of new and pre-owned BMW 3 Series models in our inventory as well as our complete selection of new BMW models today! The only thing that could cause madness this March is not getting the chance to drive a great car that you love!

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