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    Blog Post

    BMW i3 Will Get Free Loaners for Long-Term Trips

    To say that Santa Monica BMW dealers are excited about the imminent arrival of the BMW i3 is a massive understatement, but for all the reasons a consumer may dive head-first into buying an all-electric vehicle like the BMW i3, the one hang-up is that all-electric vehicles simply aren't built for long-range trips.

    BMW has a solution for that problem, however, at least as it pertains to the BMW i3: any BMW customer that…
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    2013 BMW X1 Named Among Best Cars for the Money

    It's no secret that luxury vehicles like the 2013 BMW X1 require a certain financial investment that is, to be frank, larger than those of non-luxury brands, but don't let that fool you into thinking that there is not value among luxury vehicles.  There are certainly automobiles that are more affordable than others, and if you look in the right places-like U.S. News' annual Best Cars for the Money list-you can find…
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    BMW Genius Everywhere Program Coming This Year

    For some people, the thrill of buying a new car is just as much about negotiating with dealers as it is getting the car itself, but that doesn't mean all people enjoy the process of buying a new vehicle.  Because so many of the aforementioned dealers make their living on commissions, some customers have found themselves wondering whether or not the information they're getting is about the consumer getting the best deal, or…
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    BMW Designs 4-Year-Old's Concept

    While only a few talented artists actually grow up to be designers and engineers at major automakers like BMW, that doesn't stop millions of kids all over the world from sketching their dream cars in the margins of their notebooks during school.

    Sometimes, those sketches start long before kids start school, as was the case with a four-year-old boy named Eli who drew out some rough plans for what he envisioned as the most…
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    BMW Helping to Develop Autonomous Cars

    At some point in the future, cars are going to be able to drive themselves.  Admit it-you've had certain long drives where you wished you could read a book or watch a movie while someone else drove the car for you; well, that may be a possibility someday thanks to technology that our BMW engineers are working to fine-tune.

    Actually, Center BMW customers like yourselves may be surprised to know that there actually are…
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    BMW 320i Coming to U.S. Next Year

    When most customers hear a phrase like ?luxury vehicle,? there?s an underlying connotation there that suggests that the car must, by definition, be really, really expensive.  Then, when you look at the car itself and the insane list of wonderful features that lay therein, that vehicle appears further and further out of the realm of possibility for any common man (or woman) to own.

    Well, starting next year we should have a new option?
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    BMW 3 Series Coupe Gains a Number

    Every few years or so, cars get generational upgrades, which usually means a facelift, the addition of some new interior features, and maybe an engine tune-up to provide more power and/or efficiency.  What happens less often during these upgrades is a major name change, but that's what's on deck for the next generation of two-door BMW 3 Series, which will begin going by the name BMW 4 Series Coupe.

    It's actually…
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    Excitement Abounds Over 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe

    There are, obviously, a lot of really great things on deck for 2013, not the least of which is all the really fantastic cars due to be released over the course of the next twelve months.  Of course, not all of them will be as awesome as the new 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe, but not all basketball players could be Michael Jordan, either.

    Sure, we BMW dealers are a little biased when it comes…
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    2013 BMW 3 Series Makes Another 10Best List

    Every year at the Emmy's, somebody makes the joke about how hard it is to win anything in the drama categories because "Breaking Bad" comes in and steals away everybody's thunder.  Those that have seen the show understand why it has won so many awards, but that of course doesn't make it any easier for the rest of the field.  Every. Single. Year.

    Well, that's probably how the rest of the…
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