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    Why Not Charge Your BMW With Solar Power?

    On the one hand, driving an all-electric vehicle like the incoming BMW i3 or BMW i8 means a driver could theoretically never step foot in a gas station again, and the way these vehicles are marketed is that energy from the plug in your garage is practically free compared to the expensive foreign oil we've been depending on for so long.  There's no question that it's more cost-effective to fuel a vehicle?
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    BMW 3 Series Named Among Top Used Car Values

    It wouldn't take long to sit and have a look at the reviews for the latest version of BMW 3 Series vehicles before noticing a trend:  experts really, really love this car.  But the truly excellent thing about the BMW 3 Series vehicles is that experts have always sort of loved this car, and that means whether you're buying one that's brand new or one that's a few years old, you…
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    BMW Apps Adds Glympse and Three More to Arsenal

    When the iPhone first came out, one of its most popular marketing slogans was "There's an app for that," and that particular slogan continues to grow truer by the year, not only for Apple products for Android products, as well.  In today's day and age, there really is very little that a smartphone can't do, and when used in conjunction with a BMW vehicle's voice-activated infotainment system, we here at Center?
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    2014 BMW M6 Receives Performance Updates

    It's always an exciting thing when the new model year rolls around for some our fan-favorite models, and the 2014 BMW M6 actually has some really exciting things in store for those looking into BMW cars in Santa Monica and the rest of California.

    What, pray tell, are those really exciting new things?  Well, it started earlier this year with news of the 2013 BMW M6 Gran Coupe, which offers a more practical four-door…
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    BMW X4 Crossover Concept Stirring Up High Hopes for CUV Lovers

    If there's one thing auto shows are good for, it's stirring up optimism for the future of the BMW brand, thanks largely to concept vehicles that give us all some insight into what we might expect to drive a few years down the road.

    The BMW X4 crossover concept, which will debut at Shanghai's huge auto show later in the month, is one such automobile, and while we've only seen pictures…
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    2014 BMW 6 Series Offers Great New Technology

    To say that cars are remarkably different than they were ten years ago would be the understatement of the decade, and one of the most obvious ways that vehicles have changed is in the technology department.  Vehicles are basically just gigantic computers at this point, capable of doing some pretty incredible stuff, and the 2014 BMW 6-Series is going to represent the start of a couple really interesting technological upgrades that we BMW dealers think?
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    BMW Appears on List of Most Admired Brands

    While real artists will claim that they truly don't care whether or not their art is popular, most of them would really prefer if the masses at least appreciated the vision behind the artwork.  Of course, with popularity comes increased admiration, so for artists that are serious about changing the world with their work, being admired and popular should actually sort of go hand-in-hand.

    For BMW dealers in the Los Angeles area, our art…
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    BMW Partnering Up With Advanced Parking Services

    There's a good chance that you've never even heard of BMW i Ventures, but don't worry if you haven't.  All you need to know is that it's a BMW service that looks at making partnerships with start-up companies that improve mobility services in urban areas.  In other words, with the BMW i3 coming to dealerships later this year, we here at Center BMW want to make sure that drivers can…
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    BMW i3 Will Get Free Loaners for Long-Term Trips

    To say that Santa Monica BMW dealers are excited about the imminent arrival of the BMW i3 is a massive understatement, but for all the reasons a consumer may dive head-first into buying an all-electric vehicle like the BMW i3, the one hang-up is that all-electric vehicles simply aren't built for long-range trips.

    BMW has a solution for that problem, however, at least as it pertains to the BMW i3: any BMW customer that…
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    2013 BMW X1 Named Among Best Cars for the Money

    It's no secret that luxury vehicles like the 2013 BMW X1 require a certain financial investment that is, to be frank, larger than those of non-luxury brands, but don't let that fool you into thinking that there is not value among luxury vehicles.  There are certainly automobiles that are more affordable than others, and if you look in the right places-like U.S. News' annual Best Cars for the Money list-you can find…
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