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    Center BMW Blog

    Improving Upon An Innovator: The All New 2015 BMW X6

    The 2014 BMW X6 is an innovator.  There was no such thing as a Sports Activity Coupe before the BMW X6 came along.  Flaunting familiar BMW Sports Activity Vehicle performance and versatility in the form of a graceful, swooping coupe, the BMW X6 gave Valencia area drivers an adrenaline shot of shock and awe.  The automotive marketplace responded with resounding support for the new vehicle style as well...

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    A Little Help From BMW Assist™

    If you're a fan of classic popular music you may remember a song with lyrics that go like this: "I get by with a little help from my friends."  The designers and engineers who build BMW vehicles have been helping drivers through BMW Assist™ for a long time, since the service was introduced in 1997.  BMW recently announced more than one million BMW vehicles are now actively subscribed to the service which is...

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    Impressive range in the BMW 5 Series Diesel

    As a BMW dealer in Sherman Oaks, we recognize the high premium that the modern driver puts on fuel efficiency. This aspect of auto manufacturing has taken center stage in recent years, with consumers expecting their vehicles to strike a good balance between performance, style, and a low balance at the pump. That is one of the main reasons that Diesel-powered vehicles have resurged in the United States, led lately by the impressive 2014 BMW 5 Series Diesel.  

    It all starts with TwinPower Turbo technology, and the direct fuel injection 3.0-liter engine good for 255 horsepower. Yet for all…
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    Success continues in April

    The BMW brand has a goal of delivering its best ever year with more than two million vehicles sold in 2014. If the numbers as of April are any indicator, the iconic luxury dealer will surpass this goal with flying colors. This likely comes as little surprise to BMW dealers in Sherman Oaks, who have watched this year's line make an incredible splash among costumers. 
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    Help BMW celebrate with the 30th Anniversary Edition BMW M5

    Among BMW dealers in Sherman Oaks, the BMW M5 is a veritable legend. For three decades now, the M5 has brought a combination of luxury styling, performance, and power that few competitors can even dream of matching. Now, the BMW brand is celebrating 30 years of the M% with the 2015 30th Anniversary Edition BMW M5, a limited-run model that embodies everything the M5 has stood for over the years.

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    Urban efficiency means something entirely new in the 2014 BMW i3

    Leave it to the folks at BMW to take urban driving and the efficiency concept to a whole new level, one that combines luxury and emissions-free driving in a way that few competitors will be able to match. As a BMW dealer serving Los Angeles, we have certainly heard a lot about the new BMW eDrive power train, part of the BMW EfficientDynamics technology project. Now, we are excited to see it come to life in the 2014 BMW i3, an exciting new model that just might change the way you look at your daily grind.  
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    BMW sales soar in March, peak 200,000

    As your BMW dealer in Los Angeles can tell you, the economic environment has made for a difficult, competitive climate in the automotive industry. Though it is certainly true that the competition has always been there, today its intensity seems more acute. Automotive manufacturers are constantly competing to win the loyalty of customers, whose demands and daily driving needs are perhaps more complex than they have ever been. Still, some brands, like BMW, continue to thrive. The iconic luxury brand posted record sales this past March, and achieved a milestone that few other brands can boast.   
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    BMW sales strong in March

    It is a new month (can you believe it is already April?) and BMW dealers across the nation are eagerly digesting the latest sales numbers from the BMW Group. Last month was a good one in terms of sales, with total BMW brand sales up 18.6, the best ever March for the brand. Bolstering this solid performance was a 2.8 percent increase in BMW Motorcycle sales, and 22.1 percent increase in used BMW sales.   
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